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As campaigners against funeral poverty in Scotland, we regularly post articles and comments to empower the bereaved to make the right choice for them


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It’s time to ban the P word

The loss of a friend or relative is something that triggers so many emotions. However, shame should never be one of them. Cruelly there are two words used freely when talking about one type of funeral that can cause shame and distress for everyone involved. Those words are Pauper’s funeral. These are words that are…...

What type of funeral do you want?

We've all read about the "alternative" funerals; Star Wars funerals; Viking funerals or New Orleans inspired processions. So it inspired us to ask some of the team at Community Renewal (the charity that owns and operates Caledonia Cremation) about their end-of-life wishes. https://youtu.be/qS2f6Fj9lqc   We want to empower everyone to choose the funeral that is…...

A Quiet Revolution has backed our Gie it a bye campaign with a very generous donation.

A Quiet Revolution has backed our Gie it a bye... campaign with a very generous donation. We are delighted to announce that we have just received an unbelievably generous pledge of £1,000 from the Scottish Charity, A Quiet Revolution Jane Alcorn, Chair of A Quiet Revolution said: “We’re a small Scottish charity trying to change…...

Gie it a bye for loving goodbyes

Do you back our work supporting people facing funeral poverty in Scotland? If so, then this September we ask - would you give up just one wee treat and donate that money to Caledonia Cremation so we can support those facing funeral poverty? You could Gie it a bye for just one day this month, or one…...

The direct cremation price may be low – but a word of advice

As Scotland’s first funeral directors set up to fight funeral poverty, we are delighted that more funeral directors are offering direct cremation. In offering the bereaved more choice, the industry is going some way towards removing the pressure some feel to pay for a big expensive funeral they may not want or be able to…...

People choose direct cremation because it’s a cheap funeral– right?

https://youtu.be/u1GWYNUSsJc   People from all walks of life choose direct cremation for themselves or their loved ones and there are lots of reasons why. If you have ANY questions about direct cremation or how we support those facing hardship, then do get in touch. You can call our team on 03000 11 33…...
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