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As campaigners against funeral poverty in Scotland, we regularly post articles and comments to empower the bereaved to make the right choice for them


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A dignified funeral that may not cost a penny

When people mention a free funeral – the first thing that may come to mind is a local authority or “paupers” funeral as some cruelly call it. But that's not the only option open to people who are struggling to pay for their loved one’s funeral. The Scottish Government introduced the Funeral Support Payment (FSP)…...

How will the Competitions Market Authority’s orders affect funeral poverty?

A welcome step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to banish funeral poverty. The Competitions Market Authority announced new orders for the funeral industry on 16th June 2021*. The Order requires that, from 16 September 2021, all funeral directors must display a Standardised Price List at their premises and on their…...

A wish for a new normal now funeral restrictions have been eased in Scotland

Since we began life as Scotland's only not-for-profit funeral directors, we have heard numerous stories of bereaved people, already in a delicate state, being upsold funeral items that were neither necessary nor required. Consequently, they have been pushed into a debt they have struggled to repay months or years later. The perceived pressure to honour…...

Do I need to pay a deposit before I can organise a funeral?

The answer in most cases, is yes as John* sadly found out. John’s uncle sadly passed away a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, his uncle had not left any financial plans in place and John did not have any savings set aside. As John visited each local funeral director, he was told the same thing…...

Scottish funeral prices are too high according to most Scots

We commissioned some research* earlier this year to investigate Scot's views on and knowledge of funerals and funeral prices. The results found that: At £6,535 for a funeral and send-off, 82% of those surveyed thought this price was too high 86% supported the funding of a funeral advice line to help bereaved families arranging a…...

Caledonia Cremation supported me through three bereavements

Over the past 2 years, we have supported Marlyn through three family bereavements. In this blog, she kindly shares why she trusted us to assist her through these times. https://youtu.be/Md50jBqQ4Sk For more information on organising a funeral or planning your own, contact Scotland's only not-for-profit funeral directors - Caledonia Cremation. You can call…...
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