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We are campaigners fighting for more support for bereaved families, fairer funerals and ending poverty. In our blog we discuss issues and themes related to dignity, emotional support and affordablity in funerals.


A wish for a new normal now funeral restrictions have been eased in Scotland

A wish for a new normal now funeral restrictions have been eased in Scotland

Since we began life as Scotland’s only not-for-profit funeral directors, we have heard numerous stories of bereaved people, already in a delicate state, being upsold funeral items that were neither necessary nor required. Consequently, they have been pushed into a debt they have struggled to repay months or years later. The perceived pressure to honour the deceased in a certain way, combined with people’s reluctance to shop around can also push people in a costly direction. The latest funeral debt figure in the UK stands at over £80 million* – with funeral costs disproportionately felt by those from low income households. Royal London’s Funeral Cost Index Report 2019 found that those with an income of less than £5,000 a year spent at least 65% of their annual income on a funeral, compared to 3% at most for those on £150,000 or more a year – inequality at its absolute worst.

Who knows what is going to happen after the furlough scheme ends? Unemployment rates could rise dramatically, so the issue of funeral poverty isn’t going to go away as more people experience unexpected hardship.

Since lockdown began last year, we saw how bereaved families found creative and extremely moving ways to say goodbye to their loved ones. Video streamed ceremonies and zoomed wakes are just some of the ways people marked the passing of a family member or friend. In a country where big expensive funerals are usually the norm, we are beginning to wonder – will this inspire people to reconsider their funeral choices in the future. As a charity currently fighting funeral poverty in Scotland- we certainly hope so!

We hope that all the publicity that surrounded lockdown funerals will inspire people to choose a funeral that is both personal AND affordable. This year and last, we supported several people who probably would have gone down the traditional route had it not been for the lockdown restrictions.

Our hope as lockdown is eased is that people are inspired by the variety of ways people have said their goodbyes and begin to re-imagine what a funeral can be. You can provide a beautiful and personal goodbye that won’t place additional financial pressure on you at an already stressful time.

It’s time to reimagine what a goodbye is and remove the pressure on the bereaved to spend money they just can’t afford – since when has money been the measure of how much you love someone?

If we can help you or someone you know, then please do get in touch:

Call 03000 11 33 11


*Royal London Funeral Cost Index 2021

Do I need to pay a deposit before I can organise a funeral?

Do I need to pay a deposit before I can organise a funeral?

The answer in most cases, is yes as John* sadly found out.

John’s uncle sadly passed away a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, his uncle had not left any financial plans in place and John did not have any savings set aside.

As John visited each local funeral director, he was told the same thing – we cannot proceed without a cash deposit. Four months later and with his uncle still lying in the morgue, John was finally put in touch with Caledonia Cremation.

We immediately collected his uncle without a deposit and proceeded with his cremation. We also supported John through the whole process and helped him apply for financial support.

No one should have to experience such a heart-breaking situation when already faced with a bereavement. That’s why Caledonia Cremation was established – to help people like John and anyone facing funeral poverty.

Allowing people to say goodbye to their loved one in a dignified way without financial distresses should be everyone’s right. We are doing everything we can to make this happen.

If you or someone you know needs support or advice, then please do get in touch:
By phone 03000 11 33 11
By email
We are here for you.

Scottish funeral prices are too high according to most Scots

Scottish funeral prices are too high according to most Scots

We commissioned some research* earlier this year to investigate Scot’s views on and knowledge of funerals and funeral prices. The results found that:

  • At £6,535 for a funeral and send-off, 82% of those surveyed thought this price was too high
  • 86% supported the funding of a funeral advice line to help bereaved families arranging a funeral and also to advise them on ways to keep their funeral prices down.
  • 72% said that they would prefer to arrange a funeral through a not-for-profit funeral directors like Caledonia Cremation
  • 56% would consider a direct cremation for their own funeral

Like us, most Scots are in favour of a new way when it comes to funerals.

Our hope is that more people begin to understand that there is a choice and they don’t have to take out a funeral debt they can’t afford to pay back.

On 27th April 2021, we were invited to discuss the poll with BBC Radio Scotland and you can listen to that interview below


*A representative poll of 600 Scottish people undertaken in November 2020.

Caledonia Cremation supported me through three bereavements

Over the past 2 years, we have supported Marlyn through three family bereavements. In this blog, she kindly shares why she trusted us to assist her through these times.

For more information on organising a funeral or planning your own, contact Scotland’s only not-for-profit funeral directors – Caledonia Cremation. You can call our team on 03000 113 31 or email us on



The cost of a basic funeral is higher than ever before.

The cost of a basic funeral is higher than ever before.

Sunlife’s Cost of Dying Report 2021 has found that the cost currently stands at £4,184*, up 1.7% since 2019, when it was £4,115. And since 2004, the average funeral costs have risen 128% since 2004.

As a campaigner against funeral poverty, this is a very concerning but all too familiar trend.

We believe that one reason people feel they have to pay these high prices is that there is no other option.

However there are alternatives that are dignified, more personal AND much less expensive.

Our advice is to take a moment to consider your options when organising a funeral or considering end-of-life planning

We offer direct cremation, which is sometimes described as a modern alternative. It provides the bereaved with the opportunity to organise a more personal send-off in a time-frame that is more suitable for them.

Direct cremation won’t be for everyone, but if you would like to discuss options that are open to you, then please do give us a call. We are a charity owned and operated, not-for-profit funeral directors, so our priority is your wellbeing – not profit.

Please do get in touch – 03000 11 33 11 or email

*Sunlife average funeral cost is now weighted by the proportion of burials and cremations in the UK. They have updated the previous years’ figures to reflect this change in our calculation.

Everyone deserves the right to say goodbye to their loved one regardless of their financial circumstances

Everyone deserves the right to say goodbye to their loved one regardless of their financial circumstances

Would you like to help us end funeral poverty in Scotland?

In 2018 , the anti-poverty charity Community Renewal set up a not-for-profit funeral directors – Caledonia Cremation – to help bereaved people across Scotland who were prevented from saying their goodbyes due to huge funeral costs.

Funeral poverty is a real issue throughout Scotland and as funeral costs rise year after year. it means that one in seven are forced into debt following a bereavement, putting added strain on grieving families. When you imagine that the average cost of a funeral in Scotland is now £6,535, of which £4,229 is paid to the funeral director, you can see how this can have a devastating impact on families at the worst possible time.

Caledonia Cremation is committed to providing a dignified and caring solution. As well as providing not-for-profit direct cremations, we also offer practical and emotional support to everyone who contacts us.

To help us support as many people as we possibly can, we are reaching out to kind-hearted fundraisers to consider choosing Caledonia Cremation as their chosen charity.

Whether its the virtual Kiltwalk, Ride the North or the Great Scottish Run, by selecting Caledonia Cremation, you will be helping people like Linda…

Linda’s Story

Linda had been paying in instalments for her mother’s funeral, which had been two years prior when her brother died unexpectedly.

Working part-time in a minimum wage care role, and with a young family to care of, she had no spare money or savings and was not eligible for government financial support. The stress was giving Linda sleepless nights and required her to seek help from her GP.

Caledonia Cremation promised to help her and immediately carried out her brother’s cremation and also linked Linda with financial and practical support available to her.

We now need YOUR help so we can support more people like Linda.
Everyone deserves to say their goodbyes without the additional worry of financial stress

If you have any questions about raising money for Caledonia Cremation, then please do get in touch. Call 03000 113 311 or Email

If fundraising events aren’t your thing but you would like to show your support then you can make a one off donation here

Thank you so much

Why end of life planning is so important

Barbara Chalmers is the founder of Final Fling & Only Human

In this frank discussion, we explore why it is so important to start thinking about end of life plans and bust a few myths along the way.

As Scotland’s only charity-run funeral directors, we are happy to discuss our funeral plans anytime. We are not-for-profit, so there is absolutely no pressure – we are here to help.

Call our team on 03000 113 311 or email us on


Thanks to a very generous donor, Linda could say her goodbyes

Thanks to a very generous donor, Linda could say her goodbyes

Caledonia Cremation was set up 3 years ago to fight funeral poverty by providing not-for-profit dignified cremations across mainland Scotland.

However not everyone who chooses us does so because of financial reasons. The fact that we exclusively offer direct cremation appeals to a broad variety of people. For example, some don’t want a traditional funeral; some want more time to plan a more personal goodbye and some live overseas and need a way to repatriate their loved one.

And for some of these people, our ethos of supporting those facing funeral poverty, really strikes a chord with them. As a result, they want to support us even further by making a cash donation when they pay their bill.

One such case is Julie* who chose us to arrange her mother’s funeral. When it came to payment, they paid double so they could cover the cost for someone else who may otherwise struggle.

At that time a lady called Linda* was referred to us a by a charitable organisation. She had recently lost her mother and was still paying back a loan that she had taken out to pay for the huge funeral bill she incurred. When we met Linda, her brother had passed away and she had no idea how she was going to pay for another funeral.

“We didn’t have any savings, we just work month to month to pay our bills and live basically. We didn’t have any money at all.”

As Linda worked as a cleaner, she wasn’t eligible for the Funeral Support Payment but thanks to the unbelievable generosity of Julie, we were able to carry out the cremation of her brother

If you would like to support someone like Linda, then you can donate here

A show of support, no matter what the value, will help alleviate the unbearable worry experienced by those facing funeral poverty.

Thank you.


*Names changed to protect the privacy of those involved

What is a funeral?



The pressure to provide one type of funeral can push many into funeral debt.

Is it time to re-think what a funeral is?

The more “newsworthy” alternative funerals often make the headlines – but that isn’t what we mean here. It can be subtle wee changes that make it more personal and useful to your process of saying goodbye.

In this chat with Barbara Chalmers (founder of Final Fling and Only Human), we explore what a funeral is and what it can/should be.

Caledonia Cremation is Scotland’s only charity-run funeral directors. We provide not-for-profit direct cremation across mainland Scotland.
Interested in direct cremation? Then call our team on 03000 113 311 or email us on

Why I chose Caledonia Cremation for my own funeral

Why I chose Caledonia Cremation for my own funeral

Fiona has recently registered her wishes with us. Fiona is religious and enjoys helping people and attending social gatherings. Here she explains why she has chosen Direct Cremation….

“I have never liked being centre of attention during my lifetime and I don’t want that to change after my death either! Also, in my experience of attending cremation services (religious or secular), they fail to provide comfort and seldom honour the person satisfactorily. I do not want anyone to feel the emptiness that I have had on leaving the chapel of a crematorium…within 30 minutes of arriving, of course!

The Caledonia Cremation Register of Wishes form helped to guide thoughts regarding what may have previously been the unthinkable and provided a useful start point towards creating a written document to record all details concerning desired funeral arrangements and avoid any misunderstandings or stress to those left behind.

Throughout my life, spirituality, helping others, music and social gatherings have been important to me and all those elements have been incorporated into my Register of Wishes. My hope is that the spiritual and social arrangements made will result in both a meaningful and enjoyable celebration of life to take place.

I would like attendees to have a positive spiritual experience, but this is not conditional on them recognising my religious beliefs! “

Anyone interested in pre-planning their funeral can get in touch – 03000 113 311


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