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CALL TODAY 03000 11 33 11

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We are campaigners fighting for more support for bereaved families, fairer funerals and ending poverty. In our blog we discuss issues and themes related to dignity, emotional support and affordablity in funerals.


As our only aim is to eradicate funeral poverty in Scotland, we also run a funeral advice service called Caledonia Funeral Aid. Their support is fully funded and open to all who live in Scotland, even if they don’t use Caledonia Cremation for the funeral.

So if you are the person who is organising a funeral where no pre-paid plans were in place, and you are worried how you are going to afford it – contact Caledonia Funeral Aid

In the meantime, here are some words of advice and information that you may find useful.

1: Take a moment.

It is a very upsetting time, so it is harder to make decisions and you may feel pressurised to make a choice that isn’t right for you or your financial situation.

2: Ask for help

Most people understandably go their local funeral director as this seems like the easiest option. However, they may only offer a certain type of funeral that may be very expensive. And they may not accept clients who will be paying using the Funeral Support Payment

Caledonia Funeral Aid provide free advice on all funeral options available. We will even phone around funeral directors for you if you would need this kind of support.

3: You may qualify for financial support

The Scottish Government provide 2 types of financial support: Funeral Support Payment and the Bereavement Grant. However, only certain people qualify for this.

Find out more here Help Available – Caledonia Funeral Aid ( or drop Caledonia Funeral Aid a line

4: Other types of financial and in-kind support

For those who don’t qualify for Government funeral or bereavement payments, there are other forms of support like charitable funeral grants or fundraising.

We also work with partners who provide free celebrants services to those who are struggling to pay for a funeral.

And your local vicar may also provide his services free of charge if you are a parishioner

We also run a not-for-profit funeral director who provide direct cremation, don’t require a deposit and never turn anybody away.

5: There are a range of funerals available now that are dignified and more moderately priced

When people think of funerals they think of funeral hearses, funeral flowers, expensive coffins and mourners at the crematorium or church.

But there are so many different versions of a funeral now to meet the growing demand from people who simply don’t want that type of send-off or who can’t afford it

We can advise you on all options so do give us a call.

6: If you don’t have a deposit – don’t worry

Some funeral directors wont pick up the deceased until you have paid a deposit, which can be 50% of the total bill

If you can’t afford this then don’t feel pressurised to use that funeral director. There are other options for you.

Feel free to call us and we can help you

7: We will support you

Caledonia Funeral Aid was set up, so no one must face funeral poverty or get into funeral debt. We provide free funeral advice to anyone who lives in Scotland.

We also provide funerals through our not-for-profit funeral directors, Caledonia Cremation, although we do not pressurise anyone to use that service if it isn’t right for them.

For free, friendly advice please do get in touch

For bereavement advice: 03000 11 33 01

For not-for-profit funerals: 03000 11 33 11



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