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We are campaigners fighting for more support for bereaved families, fairer funerals and ending poverty. In our blog we discuss issues and themes related to dignity, emotional support and affordablity in funerals.


The loss of a friend or relative is something that triggers so many emotions. However, shame should never be one of them.

Cruelly there are two words used freely when talking about one type of funeral that can cause shame and distress for everyone involved.

Those words are Pauper’s funeral.

These are words that are insensitively used to describe a funeral which is organised and paid for by the  local authority. There are several reasons why this may happen, but one may be that their friends or family can not afford to pay for a funeral of someone who had no financial plans in place.

It is unacceptable that these people and the deceased are described this way. Especially considering the average cost of a basic funeral is £4,184 and £9,263 if you include all the extra costs*.

Even more distressing are the news stories reporting that some local authorities withhold the deceased ashes**.

We are living in a world where working people are in poverty; where the cost of living is high, and inflation keeps rising. It is completely understandable that people can’t afford to invest in a funeral plan or pay for someone else’s funeral.

If someone close to you died right now, and they had no financial plans in place, would you be able to find £4,184?

Caledonia Cremation is a charity-owned and operated funeral directors. We were set up to fight funeral poverty and provide full support to every bereaved person across mainland Scotland – regardless of their financial circumstances.

So, we ask everyone to think twice before using the P word. We must remove the pressure people feel to get into debt to pay for a big expensive funeral. We must show compassion for those who find themselves in this distressing position and support them towards the help that is available. Every person who has experienced loss deserves our compassion – not our judgement.

If we can help you, or someone you know, then please do get in touch.
Call 03000 11 33 11

Or if you would like to support us in our work, you can donate here

But we politely ask everyone reading this blog to never, ever use the P word ever again.

* Sunlife Cost of Dying Report 2021
**Councils refuse to hand over ashes to families after pauper funerals | News | The Sunday Times (

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