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We are delighted to announce that Caledonia Cremation can now offer you a way to pre-pay for your own direct cremation.

Is your last wish for a non-traditional funeral?
Or would you want to know that your funeral is helping someone in poverty who is bereaved?
Then the new Caledonia Cremation pre-paid funeral might be the right choice for you.

We have taken some time to set up our pre-payment scheme, mainly as the cost of doing so is prohibitive,  especially for a charity-run funeral directors. But we have had many requests from like-minded people who wanted to organise their funeral with us so we wanted to take some time and find a way to do this right. So we started looking for a provider that could help us to offer a 100% secure, fully guaranteed plan AND support our mission to help people in need across Scotland.

We are delighted to announce that we’ve now found that provider – Pure Cremation. Our two organisations have agreed to work hand in hand when a plan holder’s cremation is needed, so even though your plan documents will be produced and administered by Pure Cremation, the Caledonia Cremation team can still oversee your care when the time comes (many years from now, we hope!).

Our pre-paid plan will cost a total of £1,595 with no upselling and no hidden costs.

As a not-for-profit, charity-run funeral directors, every booking made with us will also enable us to raise funds to support people across Scotland who would otherwise face funeral debt.

If you are interested in this plan, then feel free to get in touch by calling 03000 11 33 11 or emailing

We have pre-empted some questions you may have below. We hope you find the answers useful. If not then feel free to get in touch.

Why is the pre-paid funeral more expensive than your at-need funerals?

Pre-payment schemes involve a lot of administration and insurances and this  needs a sizeable budget to administer.  As you may be aware, we are a charity-run / non-commercial funeral directors with a not-for-profit status but we didn’t want to give up in finding a way to offer pre-payment to the many people who share our values.

Therefore, we have partnered with an organisation we have worked with for some time – Pure Cremation – to offer this package at the lowest cost possible.

Its really important to remember that this price won’t change. Once you have paid, then your funeral will be guaranteed regardless of price rises or inflation in the future. There will be no upselling or hidden costs sprung on your relatives, no matter how far in the future your funeral takes place. You pay £1,595 and that will be everything sorted.

Is there any other option?

If this plan isn’t for you, but you still want something in place, then our Registration of Wishes document is a good way of letting your loved ones know what you want to happen when the time comes.

It is a very simple document which clearly outlines what your wishes are. We recommend that you keep the funds set aside in a separate savings account then everything can be easily taken care of at our at-need price – £995.

If you are interested in this, then please do get in touch by phone 03000 11 33 11 or

I want my funeral to be delivered by Caledonia Cremation, so what role do Pure Cremation play?

We have been working in partnership with Pure Cremation for a while now – they carry out the operational side of delivering our not-for-profit cremations and have offered pre-paid plans since 2015. As our operational partner, they understand our service and our values.

Pure Cremation also launched the UK’s first direct cremation funeral plan in 2016, which has been a huge success, thanks to their promise that there’ll be nothing more to pay when the simple, unattended cremation is needed.

By working together Caledonia Cremation and Pure Cremation aim to help many hundreds of people in two key ways:

  • Achieving immediate peace of mind for those who want to know that their funeral arrangements are settled and fully paid for
  • Raising funds to support people across Scotland who would otherwise face funeral debt – a proportion of the usual administration and marketing fees will be paid to Caledonia Cremation when one of their supporters purchases a plan

We will work hand in hand with Pure Cremation so when the time comes, even though your plan documents will be produced and administered by Pure Cremation, the Caledonia Cremation team can still be there to oversee your care.

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