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CALL TODAY 03000 11 33 11

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We are campaigners fighting for more support for bereaved families, fairer funerals and ending poverty. In our blog we discuss issues and themes related to dignity, emotional support and affordablity in funerals.


Caledonia Cremation was set up 3 years ago to fight funeral poverty by providing not-for-profit dignified cremations across mainland Scotland.

However not everyone who chooses us does so because of financial reasons. The fact that we exclusively offer direct cremation appeals to a broad variety of people. For example, some don’t want a traditional funeral; some want more time to plan a more personal goodbye and some live overseas and need a way to repatriate their loved one.

And for some of these people, our ethos of supporting those facing funeral poverty, really strikes a chord with them. As a result, they want to support us even further by making a cash donation when they pay their bill.

One such case is Julie* who chose us to arrange her mother’s funeral. When it came to payment, they paid double so they could cover the cost for someone else who may otherwise struggle.

At that time a lady called Linda* was referred to us a by a charitable organisation. She had recently lost her mother and was still paying back a loan that she had taken out to pay for the huge funeral bill she incurred. When we met Linda, her brother had passed away and she had no idea how she was going to pay for another funeral.

“We didn’t have any savings, we just work month to month to pay our bills and live basically. We didn’t have any money at all.”

As Linda worked as a cleaner, she wasn’t eligible for the Funeral Support Payment but thanks to the unbelievable generosity of Julie, we were able to carry out the cremation of her brother

If you would like to support someone like Linda, then you can donate here

A show of support, no matter what the value, will help alleviate the unbearable worry experienced by those facing funeral poverty.

Thank you.


*Names changed to protect the privacy of those involved
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