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CALL TODAY 03000 11 33 11

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We are campaigners fighting for more support for bereaved families, fairer funerals and ending poverty. In our blog we discuss issues and themes related to dignity, emotional support and affordablity in funerals.


When you think of a funeral – most think of a coffin, covered in flowers, driven in a hearse to a church or crematorium filled with mourners.

And for some people, that feels right.

But for others – that isn’t what they want for themselves or their loved one, but unfortunately, those people have felt like there isn’t any other option for a long time.

Times are now changing, and funerals are changing with them, which is good news!

Some people are passionate that as little money as possible is spent on their funeral.

Others prefer to focus on celebrating the person’s life, rather than making the funeral ceremony the focus of the goodbye.

More bereaved Scots are environmentally conscious now, and are committed to making their funeral as “green” as possible.

A lot of people want the goodbye to be personalised and as unique as the person they are saying goodbye to.

Where to start

Caledonia Funeral Aid is committed to providing free, impartial advice to end-of-life planners and those faced with organising a funeral.

Here’s how:
We have a team who can empower you to make the right decision for you. You can contact them on 03000 113301 or email

We have also created a manual – Doing Death Differently – which we hope will assist and empower you in starting to have discussions with your nearest and dearest which you can read here. 

Don’t ever feel pressurised to make a decision that isn’t right for you or the deceased. If you need support, Caledonia Funeral Aid is here to help, so get in touch.

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