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We are campaigners fighting for more support for bereaved families, fairer funerals and ending poverty. In our blog we discuss issues and themes related to dignity, emotional support and affordablity in funerals.


As a charity-run funeral directors, we are committed to encouraging more frank and open conversations around all things death-related. We believe the taboos that surround the issue of death can contribute to the struggles some can face.

It is a sad fact, but dying is the only certainty in life, yet most people shy away from discussing their last wishes. This can cause distress and confusion to the loved ones left behind who are faced with the task of organising a funeral whilst also grieving.

Therefore we have written Doing Death Differently.  In writing this document, we hope to empower and assist you in starting discussions with your nearest and dearest.

As always if you have any questions, then please do get in touch.


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